Folks taping?

Hi all,
I had hope to make it to Folks Fest this year but had a work trip to New Orleans instead that stretched into the weekend and thanks to Courtney was a total blast!

But I was wondering…was there taping going on a Folks? I am a drooling Nanci Griffith fan…

Anyway, have a great day out there!


So you:

a. drool and you happen to be a Nanci Griffith fan
b. drool over Nanci Griffith’s music
c. drool on Nanci Griffith fans

I think the correct answer would be a and b. With the later being more of Pavlovian panting response to Nanci Griffith’s music that is accompanied by an increase in heart rate, probably BP as well and a healthy squirt of adrenalin from my adrenal gland. Which by the way, causes an increase in salivation and so hence the drooling.

I am doing a happy dance right now! A grant I wrote just got funded! Wa-hoo!!!

Jess, there were some microphones there, but I did not get to see who was doing the taping to see if it was any of the regulars we see at TBF or RG