Folks Fest 2015 Newbie

Hey again! …just modified my original post with a few questions.

I’ve been to TBG a couple of times (2006 & 2008) and loved it, but I’ve never been to Folks Fest or even Lyons, for that matter. I just purchased my ticket and on-site camping pass for Folks Fest 2015, and I’m really looking forward to August. I’m thinking about making a full week out of it, spending some time visiting family and friends in the area, and some hiking around Estes Park. Any tips or words of wisdom that might help a newbie experience the Folks Festival would be appreciated!

Camping questions: The onsite camping is divided into north and south sections. Is there a “preferred” section? The north section is smaller and doesn’t allow vehicles. That sorta tells me the north section may be a bit quieter at night - any truth to my assumption? I also see there are a small number of vehicle passes available for the south section. I plan to pitch a small tent and maybe a canopy, so I don’t need my vehicle, but it sure seems that having a vehicle pass would simplify some things. I don’t plan to leave the site during the festival, but it seems that packing up on Monday morning may be a bit easier if my car is right there. What are the pros/cons of bringing a vehicle into the campground?

I realize that August is still a long way off, but any feedback on my camping questions would be a big help.

Looking forward to the music, and meeting a lot of new people!


Hey Dan-
If you’ve been to TBF, you will do very well at folks fest. It is a lot more mellow than telluride and certainly Rocky Grass. I do believe you are right on the north camping area being quieter, but can’t say for sure as my whole crew/family camp in Meadow Park.
As for needing a vehicle pass, to me it sounds like you will not. You can drive your car in for load in/out. Not having a vehicle pass will give you the option of either north or south spots.
I have been to all 3 PB festivals many times and I love folks because the music is of course great and the vibe is quite smooth.
As for exploring the area beforehand, do it. My Dad lives in Lyons and that area is amazing.
Hope that helps. FESTIVAL!!!

Don’t worry about a car. You can drive your car to unload and go get it from a local lot (Bohn Park) to pack up. It is very tight in there and the less cars, the better.

I like the front camping area. There is more going on there though Folks Fest is a pretty quiet affair.

Thank you both for the feedback - very helpful! Nate, you say that you camp in Meadow Park… it looks like you can set up camp there earlier in the week, rather than waiting for the night before the festival starts - it seems there might be some advantages to that, but I don’t know. Any other advantages to Meadow Park? Ynot - how difficult is it to get a decent spot in the onsite camping areas if I don’t “line up” in the Bohn Park parking lot in the days preceding the festival?

Thanks again!

Another newbie question: I see a bathroom / shower facility on the festival grounds. Will meadow park have its own facilities? If not, do meadow park campers have access to the facilities on the grounds? When do those facilities open?


Meadow Park has port-o-pottys. Showers are available on site, and yes you can use those coming from MP. As to when those become available, I am not completely sure, but song school will be going on all week at Planet Bluegrass, so I assume the showers are available all week.

Good info - thanks Nate!