Folks at Night photo

I wanted to try out the “photo attachment” capability of the new forum, and I ran across this gorgeous Tim Benko image from last August.

Any guesses on which set this was taken during?

[update] I guess you have to be currently logged-in to view the photo. Seems fair enough…

that’s an awesome picture…it looks like there is a giant fireball shooting off the stage. :eek

I’m going to guess Ani Difranco. :8

Yeah, me, too. This is from a December show at the Orange Peel in Asheville, NC.

I have a few more here.


I think I have it figure out?

You have it down to a science, Rick. :medal

(that’s a cool pic of Chris and Jeff)

That pic is from Last years NorthWest String Summit moments before the “Naked Guy” jumped up on the stage.

this one is from imediatly after

Okay, I’ll bite…was it during Kris Kristofferson’s set?

I’m curious now… :secret hmmm…

I’m guessing Kris Kristofferson’s set. I would be very surprised if it
was Ani DiFranco, since the crowd became infested with drunken
& selfish idiots who had no respect for Festavarians and their space.

Note I did not say “fellow Festavarians”, because these people were
not! I saw behavior that was far more suited for juvenile rock concerts
than a Planet Bluegrass festival.

I am guessing the Kris Kristofferson set, just because I see my Daughter in the far right hand side. When are you gonna tell us when it was taken?

And the winner is…

Dustin :medal

I checked the creation date on the photo: 8/20/06 at 9:24pm. That places it midway through Ani’s set on Sunday of Folks.


Very cool photo! Even though the topic is old it is again relevant.
Life just goes around and around… :thumbsup

unknown artist. photographed this year, thursday night.