Fleck's Polkass Song

Did anyone tape Bela Flecks Polkass song from the Houseband set at Telluride?

The whole set is on Tapers.org.

For the record, contrary to Sam Bush’s attribution of the song to Bela… its actually an old Flatt and Scruggs standard.

I have a video of Flatt & Scruggs playing it from July of 1961… 47 years later and Polkass is still going strong :lol :cheers

Thanks erring, If I wasn’t so blonde, I probably could have figured that out. :flower

They knew how to rock back then! I am glad that old stuff is still around for us to enjoy.

don’t see it anywhere… all I see is House Band from '07… any help?

Hey mahgeetah did you find the song?

I went to http://www.tapers.org/zips/
and downloaded the zip file HouseBand2008-06-22jr.mp3f.zip

The polkass is in this set.

Wow, Carla… Thanks! :cheers