Flatpicking contest at Rockygrass

Hi, my name is Allen Shadd. 2007 was my first trip to Rockygrass, although I have wanted to go for a long time. I was fortunate enough to have won this year’s flatpicking contest. I would like to say thank you to the friendly folks that helped a newbie figure out which line I needed to be in, and to all the kind people that stopped to tell me that they enjoyed my tunes. First impressions left with me are that the festival had it’s share of problems, but the people that attended have big hearts and know how to enjoy it. I felt welcomed by them. I also enjoyed walking through the shops in town, very cool. The picture in my avatar is of me and my friend Randy McSpadden on the mainstage during the contest, and that’s also my avatar for my myspace page. The guitar that I won is a wonderful instrument, and I already own so many fine guitars I decided to pass it along to someone who can appreciate it, so it will be for sale soon to help fund the trip to Winfield in September. Wish I could keep them all.

So is anybody here going to be at Winfield?

Yep, i will be at Winfield, I go every year… it is only 45minutes from home. Wil you be entering the flatpicking contest there? It is a very big deal… but I guess you knew that already.


Yeah, I already knew that. :wink: I will be entering the flatpicking contest at Winfield. I was lucky enough to have placed second there last year and in 1996, as well as winning 1st there in 1997. If you’re there for the contest and you get a minute, look me up and say howdy.

Thanks for the plug and the picture. I’m priveleged to be your friend. Congratulations on your recent first place finishes at Rockygrass & Blugrass in the Smokies. Looking forward to competing at Winfield-Randy