First timer for this festival and very excited. Is it going to be a problem to set up a small flag at my chairs during the festival (jazzfest style)? Just wanted to know before making a TBG specific one for this year.


People fly all kinds of things so their friends can find them. :thumbsup

By all means, let your freak flag fly!

Just fly it high enough that it is out of the line of sight of the folks behind you and you will have no troubles.

That’s a really good point… tall and skinny on those flag poles, folks, and remember the wind can really gust at times.

What exactly have people used in the past? PVC pipe maybe? It would need to have joints in it (tee hee) so that it could be put together inside, right?

I was wondering the same thing and found this:

make your own festival flag pole

If you have a small flag, a fishing pole would work nicely.
Or if you have an old trashed tent, use the tent pole.
If it’s larger, a painters pole that extends is also nice. :cheers

I’ve used Cane fishing poles in the past, but i don’t think I an get em in CO. Thanks probably working on it this weekend.

…one of the collapsable fiberglass poles from a 4 man tent would work good :).

Does anyone remember the guy that had a fishing pole with a kite attached as a flag and when the wind picked up he would fly his kite without moving an inch on his tarp. I have some photos somewhere…
Very creative, made me want to fly a kite too :sunshine