Flag the scalpers

Folks, use this thread to shine a light on the scalpers you find. In the case of Craigslist, we can all go flag them and get those listings removed.



Probably the same person, but flag 'em both

And before you do flag, take the time to send them an email. Offer them face value, and appeal to their human side. It may be futile, but show them they can easily sell those tickets and recoup their money, while doing a darn good thing for their fellow man.

If you don’t want to expose your email to them, you can use http://www.spamgourmet.com to send your message. It’s a cool little service, and once you create an account you can create a disposable account and use it to send a message to them, which masks your email, while still forwarding mail to you.

Scalper on craigslist.

here is his ad:


wanted $375. I asked him what was up with charging more than his face and his response was “ever heard of capitalism? apparently not.”

flag him if you wish

another was offering Town Park for $65

$65 or $650?

looks like he keeps getting flagged and keeps reposting, here he is again:


Keep posting these and I’ll keep flaggin’

Maybe he is trying to sell AnythingAtAll’s ticket from last year. :evil

That’s still scalping

I’m selling my this years custom ticket, guaranteed to NOT get you into the festival for only $13 on e B a y

eBay ticket here

Free Shipping!

Really didnt believe you so I checked and sure enough its still listed and only 13 bucks! :eek.
Backed by PayPal moneyback guarantee :thumbsup

he’s back!


Took me flagging from 4 different IP addresses to kill it but…it’s now dead. :thumbsup


WOW you all are the real MVP’s! thank you! Hate seeing those posts, especially knowing my friends need tickets and can barely afford it at face value…if anyone has extra’s I’m happy to pay face value to make sure they get in

He’s back again! Flag him please!


Gottem :burn

There are lots of scalpers on ebay… grrr makes me mad.


Link and they shall be damned.


Mf’er is back. Let us thwart him

Hm - I’ve hit this one with everything I’ve got to no avail. :huh