B.A.A.M. and Jon Stickley Trio

BAAM indeed, thats going to be one great Firstgrass!

Ahhhhhh yeah. Kickin’ things off the right way. Firstgrass is always a beautiful thing.

Feelin’ stupid . . . who are B.A.A.M.? Thanks, can’t find anything on Planet Bluegrass

Ben, Adam, Andy and Mojo Stephen Mougin. Under Firstgrass

Holy sh*t, better than I could’ve even imagined!!! Thanks much

BAAM me up Planet!! This sounds most fantastico!:sunglasses:

Mojo is so incredible. I think he’s underrated. Theres a reason Sam’s got him! Going to be great.

I bet we finally get to see Mojo play a lot of Mando!

I’m just excited I’ve got two nights in a row of 4 shows up on the mountain! Josh Ritter Tuesday night. Then BAAM and Stickley firstgrass, followed by Leftover Nightgrass all on Wednesday. I can already tell this is lining up to be my best TBF yet! :thumbsup
Only two things left to have hopes for, the Elks Park schedule, and Run-A-Mucks schedule!!

I know its June yet, but can it be next week yet!

Yes! He’s so good at everything!

RAM posted their Schedule on Their Facebook Page already!