I know who it is rumored to be, but I noticed it still hasn’t been updated on the Planet Bluegrass website. Do we have a confirmation of the Firstgrass act?

what is the rumor?

Check the bands’ websites.

It looks like the Steep Canyon Rangers and Lake Street Dive.

Warming my ears up for fest, I’ve been stuck on LSD’s new album. I’m really excited to see them live a couple of times! And being a long-time fan of the Steeps, I have a feeling this is going to be epic.

Barely two weeks, so much to do between now and Zen!

Any idea what the times will be?

Just want to make sure we arrive safely from the Front Range and get settled in time for every bit of fun the law allows!

Website indicates three acts at Firstgrass this year. Aren’t there usually only two? We know two of the acts (LSD & SCR). Who is the third? :huh :huh :huh

I checked all the bands tour dates and nobody else had Firstgrass listed. Im hoping it is a headliner playing a set up in beautiful mountain village, it would be quite the surprise.

Are they maybe counting YMSB as one of the three?

Join us in the inspiring location of Sunset Plaza in Mountain Village for this free outdoor show from 4-8pm on Wednesday, June 19. Watch for details about this year’s 3 FirstGrass artists in the weeks leading up to the festival.

Way I read this it wouldn’t include the YMSB CC show.

I hope you’re right! I know Manhole and I are pulling for Mumford!

So with the Firstgrass starting approximately 4, what time does the FG tarp line start?

Ahhhh the one event with NO LINE!! Just get on the gondola and hop off with your stocked cooler and park yourself! Lots of great seats everywhere including bar patios, grass, rock walls, and right down front if you like. Firstgrass is awesome!!

no line per se as it is just an open area. people will start throwing tarps down noonish. depends on if you want to be top or bottom of the hill…lots of room, really, so long as you arent late

or you could enjoy the middle I suppose. I not trying to start any top/middle/bottom ramblings…they are all good in their own way and you couldn’t make a sandwich without any of them!

Well I’m pulling with you for Mumford, that would be awesome, but not sure Mountain Village could handle the chaos that would ensue.

Unless it is unannounced…it IS the 40th!

Maybe only a “Son” or two? And yes, there is quite a line at the Ganjala…just sayin.

No joke! Thank goodness for Swanders saving you spots. :cheers

Well the website is updated - third act is Roscoe Bandana

Rosco Bandana – never heard of them, but they have a nice sound.