A few weeks back it was posted in the forum that Lake Street Dive leaked on their website that they are one of the FirstGrass acts.

Not sure I’ve seen this in the forum (forgive me if I missed a post), the other FirstGrass act is…

The Steep Canyon Rangers

At least according to their website they are playing FirstGrass.


:thumbsup Cool! I predicted this in February :cheers,17173.0.html
We’ve heard about LSD for FG but not SCR as yet. Will be a fine sunset jam fersure!

Excellent! I was hoping we’d get them for First Grass, since they can’t stay past Thursday.

:thumbsup Woohoo!! Great way to kick it off!!


SOOOOO very happy that the Steeps are playing FirstGrass. And also excited that they are there withOUT Steve martin. His shows are great, but he only steps aside for 2 songs from SCR every concert. Can’t wait to hear the new stuff live!