First Timer

Because this is my first Telluride experience I know nothing about how this is run… To find a good spot in the music venue, you must line up and once the gates are open it’s like the running of the bulls? If you have a 4 day pass can you leave your belongings in place every night or is this a daily event? Thanks!!

The tarp run is a daily event. Once it gets dark most the tarps get pulled up, and most chairs, at least in the front, get pulled up. Then it’s more like a traditional standing concert, people who still want to sit stay in the back, and also the sun shades are removed.

If you search tarp run in here, you’ll probably find way more about it than you’d care to know.

If you are solo or just a couple people, there’s really not much need in worrying about the tarp runs, you can easily find a little space to squeze a small blanket or tarpestry in big enough for a couple small chairs.

If you aim to be in the area in front of the soundboard remember to bring a low to ground chair, if a basketball fits underneath its too high!

Thanks so much for the info! :cheers