First Timer

My wife and I had a trip planned to Boulder for our second anniversary and come to find out it’s during RockyGrass. So I snagged two tickets for Saturday. A few questions:

  1. Sounds like I will need to bring trap/blanket. Gates are at 9AM; how early should I get there to snag a good spot? Is it OK to lay down our stuff and keep it there all day?

  2. I’m a guitar/mandolin player, but I’m flying from Houston, Texas. Trying to decide if I should bring a guitar or mando with me. Do people leave their instruments at their spot and walk around/swim,etc.

  3. Can you really just go swim in the water during the festival? Can you hear/see stage from the water?

  4. Will parking be an issue? Driving from Boulder in the AM.

Any other tips are appreciated. Very excited.

1-There isn’t a bad spot at Rockygrass. The grounds aren’t big. You can get there as early as you want, but people that have gotten random numbers that are handed out the night before will be admitted first. I don’t really remember how long the line is to get in after that because I’m not usually there when the gates open.
2-You can leave your instruments at your spot. The only worry that I have would be the sun beating down on them.
3-Yes and Yes. Of course, it’s not the best view from the river, but you can still see. One of my favorite places to listen! Oh and it not really swimming, either. It’s more like sitting and if the water level is high enough tubing is fun.
4-You can park in Bohn Park (lots of signs) and take a free shuttle to the venue.
I hope this helps.
My other tips are have fun and make new friends. Oh and drink lots of water.

Hello!! This will also be my families first time camping onsite for the festival. Are we allowed to have alcohol at our campsite? Also wondering about personal tent potties. We have a 3.5 yr old that will be hard to regulate if there are long lines…

Thanks for any suggestions for newbies!!!

Alcohol at your campsite is just fine. Can’t bring it into the festival grounds. There are porta potties for on-site but you can walk into the festival grounds to use flush toilets anytime (night and day.) The porta potties get well used and cleaned several times a day.