First Timer Here and I need some guidance

I have decided to go last minute to the festival and am thrilled to see such a supportive and active community. It is all confusing to someone who hasn’t been though, so I am looking for someone to explain a couple things to me. I am wanting to go on Thursday and Saturday and take Friday to explore the area a bit. I am looking for camping out of town and am wondering if anyone has any suggestions for that? I have a contained camper van and would be staying in that. Also, if I buy wrist bands from someone on the forum, do I have to have them transferred to my name?
Looks like a blast and I look forward to the experience!


There’s very limited camping within a reasonable distance to town, and anything close will be taken from a week before or more. Plus, you can’t drive into town, and parking in Mountain Village will be packed. My suggestion for you would be to get a Lawson Hill camping pass, and tent camp for the weekend. From Lawson you can access trails that can take you to town, or to mountain tops, and have a shuttle ride to the festival. There’s been quite a few Lawson passes for sale recently, in the Shop section of the Forum. If you are given the wristbands at time of sale, no need to transfer name, if you are picking up at Box office, you’ll need name of original buyer, copy of picture ID, and last 4 of CC used to purchase.

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Thank you for this information, so helpful. I will see what I can do. I hope you have a great time!