First Timer, flying in from MD, Lodging

I realize I am late to the game and have few options. I will not be camping
since I am flying.

So what are the options for hotels/lodging.
I think I am booking the Mountain Lodge. But you have to take the Gondola back and forth.
How big of a pain is that?
And if we miss it, are their shuttles? Cabs?

What time does the music stop every evening?

Anything else?

I just looked at Mountainside Inn.

What’s the travel like to the festival from there?

We won’t have a car.

If your flying into telluride expect hurdles

It would take 20 to 30 minutes to get from Mountain Village to the festival, depending on how big of a line there is.
I believe the gondola starts running at 7:00 AM and stops running at 2:00 AM.
The music in the festival only goes as late as midnight, so unless you are going to a late night show you have plenty of time to get back.
If you do go to a late night show be sure to get back to the gondola by 2:00 AM. If you’re in line they won’t stop it from running.
If you do happen to be late, there are taxi cabs but not shuttles.

Ok, that is a HUGE help in deciding. THANK YOU!

And the Gondola is a pain in the butt?
It’s likely my only option but I’d just like to get an idea

Actually the seats are well cushioned. :lol
The scenery is outstanding though. :thumbsup

Excellent response.
I will be happy either way.
Thank you again for your speedy response.

During the Festival, I think the gondola starts running at 6:00. Somebody correct me if I am wrong.

Gondolas are fun :thumbsup you should bring a friend :cheers but if not I’m sure you’ll make some in line

I’ve met some of the most wicked awesome crazytrain peoples on the gondola…I imagine you’ll enjoy those rides a lot.

On another note, where in MD?