First timer at TBGF and I scored TC

So this is the first time I will be attending the festival, and I scored town camp. I have a few questions…how early should I get to telluride to get a good camping spot? Next, what are the toilet and shower facilities like at town camp? wife is into white water paddling, what opportunities will she have to paddle in and around Telluride?..i’m a mountain biker, what are the Trails like in and around Telluride?..

I would get there the Saturday before festival starts or no later than Tuesday before if you want to get a decent spot.

The showers in Town Park are $3.00 (in quarters) for a five minute shower and the facilities closer to the swimming pool are brand new (in 2015). Other than the two restrooms/showers there will be plenty of porta-potties scattered throughout Town Park.

The San Miguel river flows right through Town Park and although it may not be that big it could provide a fun ride.

There’s plenty of hiking/biking trails in and around Telluride. Just do a google search.

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