This is our first time camping at Warner Field! We have slept in the line in town for the past 4 years but decided to upgrade because it will be our honeymoon this year! We’re planning on showing up early Wednesday morning to get a good spot. Is it crazy running in to get a spot? Kind of like the tarp run? Also, is there a line that we can sit in inside the camping to get a good tarp space in the festival?
I have questions about the gear drop off too? How much time do we have? Will they let us in at the barricade at the edge of town? As much info as possible would be great. I have been so busy with the wedding I’m just now getting to all the bluegrass stuff. Thanks!

Congratulations! Wed morning you will be able to unload your car, then go park it. The line thing you will easily figure out. Try to go up to Mtn Village for some Firstgrass. Just get there, and it will all work out just fine!