First time volunteering & have a few questions about camping!

Hey festivarians! I am hoping that I’ll be volunteering this year for my first TBG. I have a few questions about camping; is my only option to camp at Lawson Hill since they sell those camping passes separately? Or if I find a ticket that includes camping at one of the other campgrounds will PBG reimburse me for the festival part of the cost? I was hoping to stumble upon a Mary E Ilium or maybe by the luck of the music gods I will land a TP or WF pass, we shall see!

Any other solo volunteers out there? Curious to hear where other volunteers are camping!

Cant wait to boogie with everyone.

Solo volunteer here driving out from Chicago! I’ve been hoping to find a spot in town to stay, too, but it’s seeming unlikely. I’ll be doing what krleaf suggested and calling Allison for a volunteer spot.

Solo 1st-time volunteer from TX. Same scenario:

Somewhere in town seems unlikely; Lawson is available but not ideal; I’m not wanting to shuttle, really… (and I don’t know when my shifts will be:)

So… what’s the suggestion? Who’s Allison ?

Allison is the volunteer coordinator for Planet Bluegrass. Lovely person.

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Lawson is the closest campground to town, if you have a bike it’s a 5 minute ride into town on a nice paved trail, mostly flat. The campground is also right next to the Telluriode Brewing Company! The shuttles aren’t too bad either, lots of fun folks everywhere.


What others said, def give Allison a call she will help ya out with a Mary E Ilium camping pass! I was drawn to that campground because of the trees and shade. Also you can ride a mtn bike to the festival on a trail or take the shuttle. See ya’ll in June!

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