First Time - General Schedule Questions

Howdy all. This will be my first time in Telluride, and the Rockies as well. Can anyone please tell me what kind of general schedule the festival follows? Really, I’m wondering what time the bands will be on. Is it an all day thing, or does it start later in the afternoon everyday?

Obviously, it’s the music that draws me to Telluride in the middle of June, but I’ve never been to the mountains before. If I have the time before the music starts, I’d like to plan some excursions into the woods a couple of days. Appreciate any information.


It is definitely an all day thing. The first day, the gates tend to open at 10:00 and the music continues until 10:30-11:00. Friday and Saturday tend to be gates open at 9:00, music ends around midnight and Sunday is gates open at 10:00 and music ends at 11:00. If you get into town a few days early (recommended) you’ll have plenty of time to do some hiking and exploring. The town is in the most beautiful location imaginable. I live in the Montana Rockies and I’ve still seen few areas that can rival it. :cheers


Thanks for the info. I probably won’t get to CO until Wed., so looks like minimal time getting lost in the woods. Oh well, that’s what next year’s for. :slight_smile:

Well be prepared to kick yourself for a whole year then.


By the time we get to the music on Thursday, we’ve been enjoying Telluride and our family for so long, it’s aways bittersweet…while Thursday is the beginning of the music, it’s also be beginning of the end.

you are so right! the beginning of the music always signals the beginning of the end for me too! crazy once you think about it but oh so true.

I agree also…The time prior to music is like spending the best summer vacation with all of you bestest friends and then music starting signals the ending of that spectacular vacation…

Next thing you know my car will be packed for Telluride! Can’t wait to see my wonderful Festi-Family again!

Depending on what time Wednesday, I’d definitely recommend getting to the Yonder show that night. It is a great way to kick off the week.

I second that!

Yeah, yeah, I hear it… And I’m jealous :slight_smile:

I just started a new job so I’m already kind of pushing it taking the week off to travel to/from CO → Chicago.

For anyone staying in the Mary Ilium camp, I’ll be the guy with the dobro on his lap and homebrew on tap… Stop by and grab a pint!

If you get there by noon on Wednesday bring some of that homebrew to the Town Park homebrew tasting. I’m sure we’d love to sample some. :cheers