First Grass?

Was this announced already?

Not until May

What time of day is first grass? And where? First timer trying to do it right

My schedule has been rumballs in TP, then head straight to the gondola and hope not to miss too much of the first act. It has been stellar every year and fits everyone’s budget.

I couldn’t find history of past performances on, but here’s what I was able to dig up …

2009: The Greencards and The Lovell Sisters
2010: Sarah Jarosz and 18 South
2011: Sarah Jarosz and Cornmeal
2012: Della Mae and Greensky Bluegrass
2013: Steep Canyon Rangers and Lake Street Dive and Rosco Bandana
2014: The Lone Bellow and Frank Solivan & Dirty Kitchen
2015: Good stuff I’m sure

If you’re a first timer and not planning to go to the Yonder kickoff, I’d say the gondola trip is a must-do, with Firstgrass being the perfect time. The gondola line gets long on Weds, but think of it as a linear pre-party.

:wave Thanks I thought I might of missed it and almost read the Nightgrass to include Yonder for first grass. Brain fart…thanks.

I really want to say that Peter Rowan played the same year as Della Mae, but I could be mistaken.

I think you’re correct. I believe he actually played with them. I do remember seeing Greensky that year, though.

That’s right, he did play with them! (also kinda recall there being noticeable issues with the sound, lots of gremlins/feedback)

And you’re both correct re: GSBG too:,14629.msg82014.html

You can add Sammy to 2010. :slight_smile:

He came out a jammed with 18 South, but he wasn’t a billed performer. When Peter Rowan played with Della Mae, it was billed as Peter Rowan and Della Mae.