First All- Bluegrass All-Childrens' Album "Little Mo' McCoury"

First All-Bluegrass All-Childrens’ Album “LITTLE MO’ MCCOURY” to be released August 21st!

Recording by luminary Ronnie McCoury features songs by Bob Dylan, Randy Newman, McCoury and others!

Ronnie McCoury’s fondest childhood memories are ones he has of accompanying his father-the iconic Del McCoury-to bluegrass festivals, experiencing early on the way that music can bring parents and kids together. McCoury Music releases the first all-bluegrass album for kids and their parents, Little Mo’ McCoury, August 21 to stores nationwide.In addition to Ronnie and Del, Little Mo’ McCoury (as in “just a little more McCoury”) includes contributions from Ronnie’s brother Rob and Ronnie’s wife Allison, with whom he co-wrote “My Friend, My Guitar,” a song Ronnie figures is a “good way to get kids to learn how to play a G-run.” Like the Del McCoury Band, Little Mo’ McCoury makes a strong case for the contemporary appeal of bluegrass while remaining firmly rooted in the music’s traditions: There is the unmistakable “high lonesome” sound and songs taken from the canon of the genre. Ronnie also plans for Little Mo’ McCoury to be a live music experience. Hearkening back to when he was a boy on the road with his father, he imagines kids’ matinees at bluegrass festivals, for example, where he will be accompanied on stage with members of the same family band that helped him make this groundbreaking recording, aside from one of the most successful touring bands in the country. Little Mo’ McCoury dates will be announced soon.

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