fire number two - Loveland area NW of Carter Lake

uh-oh, here goes fire number two, nearby Loveland. I watched some live-shots on Denver’s channel 7. One location they were shooting from had their reporter’s hair blowing pretty good. It looks windier nearby the fire location than it is here in Fort Collins.

A 40-acre grass fire a mile northwest of Carter Lake has destroyed at least one home and several other buildings, according to inital reports and video footage reports The Denver Post online. Channel 7 TV station’s live-shots are showing lots of smoke. Some treetops are torching on a hillside. Very thick smoke on the other side. Very dry conditions. Fire is zero per-cent contained. Over 600 acres in size. Some evacuations are going on.

[center]slurry bomber at new fire - started this morning - northwest of Carter Lake

slurry bomber at old fire - started last weekend - west of Boulder - Gold Hill and Sugarloaf