Fire Marshall has prohibited ALL fires in the Mary E. Illium Campground

Breaking news in relation to the fire ban…

Per the Fire Marshall’s office:

ALL fires prohibited in Mary E. Illium. (no fires in the metal rings)

NO charcoal, or any open burning.

Smoking only allowed in vehicles.


Just to clarify-- does this also include gas-fueled grills? What about gas-fueled skillets?

If so, does anyone have suggestions for preparing food?

I was hoping to cook/eat as much as possible at camp.

See everyone soon! :cheers

Also was wondering about gas fueled lanterns?

So, does this also mean no smoking at the festival?

propane, specifically, has been explicitly approved.

I can’t speak to all types of gas for sure…but you’ll likely be OK with most any gas cooking. The sentiment from the fire marshal was essentially that it’s just too dangerous to have anyone burning any organic matter.

Lanterns should be fine.

FoM, I haven’t heard anything about smoking at the festival. These regulations apply to Mary E. Illium, only…


Oh well, to bad…I’m still going to have fun! :thumbsup See everyone there. :cheers