Fibark Information?

Does anyone have any information about the Fibark?

What is the Fibark? Never heard of that is it lodging?

It’s a white water festival in Salida, Co that has a weekend of music and events. I just came across it. I guess it’s a huge thing for white water kayaking and that kind of thing. It’s 3-4 days on the same weekend as Telluride. I’m considering catching it for a day trip

FiBArk is the oldest river festival in the US. It stands for “First in Boating the Arkansa”.
It’s a fantastic weekend event. My husband and I are both paddlers but you don’t have to be a boater to have a good time.

thats a few hours away!

Thank you. We only have Friday to go. Are there events you recommend attending? We are blow up kayakers…not really kayakers

It looks like we will be camping near Gunnison. So, it’s 2-hours from there. Monarch Pass is beautiful, so the drive will be nice.

Gunnison is a long drive to Telluride. There’s lots of free camping or paid campgrounds much closer to Telluride. Also, besides the main stage there’s music in Elks park in the middle of town for free everyday during TBF. So much hiking, cycling and kayaking can be done just from town in Telluride there’s so much to do. We go to the festival five days early every year, and try and hike, bike etc… as much as possible, and still haven’t come close to doing all the trails accessible from town! Also if your interested you’ll find tickets for the rest of the festival if you want more TBF! And, there’s always a free concert on Wednesday night before the festival starts up in Mountain Village, a gondola ride from town!

It’s river festival for all who love playing in the water. There’s a park along the river with kid’s activities, live music and food. There are fun runs, and the Hooligans Race 5:30 Saturday is a must see.

Where were you when I started booking my trip! I actually would like to be closer to town on the 17th and 18th. Do you have any suggestions? I am towing a 24’ trailer. Ridgway SP is totally booked.

I’m trying to find the Elks Park on my computer and don’t see it. Where is that? Is that across from the Courthouse?

Elks park is a little green space in the middle of town, across from the Sheridan Hotel. Look into Matterhorn campground, about 20-30 minutes south of Telluride. There’s a handful of first come first serve, Nat Forrest sites around the outskirts of Telluride, but might not fit a 24ft, or be easy to get to hauling one! If you can ditch the trailer for a few days, you can probably score Lawson camping passes and tent camp during festival.

Thanks Todd. I believe we will do the commute thing this year…so far the closest place is in Montrose and it’s only an hour closer. There is dispersed camping near Ridgway that I am looking at, but not sure how safe stuff will be.

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