Festivirgin acquiescence

So I’m pretty sure that I shouldn’t draw attention to the fact that I am a Festivirgin. However, rather than missing out on something because of ignorance I though I’d throw myself on the sacrificial altar in hopes of getting to know a few people to show me the ropes and maybe just maybe avoid being a doe-eyed newbie. fingers crossed

Welcome Mel! there are several threads addressing virginity here on the board. There’s advice and happenings for you to peruse. So much to take in! Enjoy!

Hey Nurse Mel! :wave

When are you landing in Telluride and where are you camping. Need to know which set of ropes you’ll be hanging on! :wink:

Auntie Hope :festivarian2 :green

If you are, in fact, an actual nurse in real life we could probably use your skills after one of our wild nights. Please bring a stethoscope and some buffered analgesics.

but nothing sharp please.

I won’t be getting in until Thursday morning as I am seeing Mumford & Sons Wednesday here in Denver and I’ll be camping in Lawson Hill.

I’m actually an ICU nurse and a Red Cross volunteer. So, I think I can manage.

Come by the festivarian photoshoot at 6:30pm Thursday in front of the beer tent. Bring something to help with a spleenache. I always get those after the 3rd day.

Are you sure you don’t mean your liver? Slow down on the crunchy frogs maybe?

Hate yo will miss the newbie party on weds. :cheers

Doughnuts go good with bacon, Nurse Mel. I’m sure there are more newbies at Lawson who will guide you. Or misguide you. Either way, follow the crowds and you will get to the magic. :cheers

No, we don’t take our livers into the canyon. That would just be silly. :lol :lol :lol

When you get to Lawson set up the tent and sleeping gear and then hop the shuttle into town. There will be volunteers at Lawson that will answer all the questions you'll feel compelled to ask on first arrival, trust me... they have the answers.

Then... (and only after the tent is up and bag rolled out because you won't want to do it in the dark later!) Get on the shuttle and make the public announcement that you are a Festi-Virgin and know that there will be a kind and loving group that will take you under their wings and guide you through the gates into the Festi-Grounds.

If you like these folks.. hang a while! If you were just looking for their guidance, say thanks.. meet you back at Lawson... and head for the front of the Sound Tower. You can find most of us in that area.. most of the time. You'll either get directions to another tarp or an invite to sit a while.

Welcome to [i][b]FESTIVVVAAALLL!!![/b][/i]  :welcome
We can't wait to meet you!
Auntie Hope  :festivarian2 :green

Woman, I certainly know my liver from my spleen! Even in the dark! And if I slowed down on Crunchy Fogs then that would just give Billy Beru or Mel time to catch up with me, which AIN’T happening! So seriously, I think I have ankle cancer. What do you got for that?

Nurse Mel, since you aren’t arriving until Thursday may I suggest you have your daypack PRE-packed to take to the festival, so you don’t have to unpack everything to organize it in your tent. In it you will want your coat, hat, gloves, headlamp or mini-maglight, H2o bottle, some $$, your i.d. if your ticket is at will call, warm shoes or at least some socks to put on. We don’t mind a bit when folks wear socks with sandals, better than frostbitten toes!
Perhaps a cup for whatever your new friends might be pouring, snacky foods, camera, sunscreen, chair maybe?
You probably won’t want to or have time to go back to camp until you are ready to call it quits in town. Once you get back to camp, I’m sure the music will still be cookin’. If you happen to forget something, someone can probably loan you whatever you need until the next day.

Both of these also come in handy for purchasing delicious New Belgium beverages

You’ll be thinkin’ Crunchy Fog…

Don’t worry, I have no desire to go head to head with you in a Crunch-off… I’ll let you and Billy Beru barf it out.

Oh whatever. You know you’ll be right there with us toe-to-toe.

I’m thinking field amputation…

Cindy Lou and Auntie Hope,
Thanks for all the tips. I’m never to shy to ask for help. It’s just nice to have friendly faces along the way.
Thanks again.

Perfect. We have 4 or 5 doctors in my festival crew “Utarpia” this year, so we can take care of that little problem right on the tarp and I won’t miss any music. Not sure what the dentist can do to help but maybe I can get my teeth cleaned at the same time. Doc Mike, bring whatever voodoo stuff you need.

I can Steve over to help too if you like