Here’s the festivarian picture from 2006

Doing my job as “Smokey the Mayor” the year we had all the fires down the canyon. :lol

Hey! I remember that picture, in fact, I remember when and where it was taken! I was looking for that one, along with many others I can’t seem to locate, a few days ago. :wink: :cheers
let’s hope we don’t have another fire year like that?? among the jello shot recipes I gave to Rhonny, there are a few “Flamers”??


I still think this is one of my fav’s?

and in case anyone was wondering who was wearing that T-Shirt???





2005 Festivarians :cheers

:wave Ya beat me to it Tom… I had to search bit for the 05 pic. That completes the series does it not? I don’t recall taking one before 2002?


OK That’s enough… :thumbsup
I’ve spent the afternoon recovering lost files from my crashed laptop :argh.

I’ve been productive, honest, I really have. :festival


Rumball preparation 2004. :cheers

Here’s Amanda servicing Flat Larry’s Hangover.

Here’s some from Rocky Grass a couple of years ago




Do you need an official photographer for this year’s group shot? As brother Bluto says - ‘Don’t cost nothin’. Either post here, or send me a personal message if you would like me to take the group shot. I will be there with all my gear anyway so taking the picture is no big deal. Would love a chance to meet all of the festivarians who have posted here in person!

There’s usually a few cameras around during the festivarian gathering, but an extra one wouldn’t hurt. It’s hard to pick the best one sometimes too, with all the people walking past and everyone making weird faces. :lol

Keep us posted as to when and where you will be taking the picture and I will be there with bell’s on. And that may not be a figure of speach - depending on when you take the picture!

A bunch of folks from Camp Fishbone started getting together every Fall for a Big Chill Weekend. This shot was taken at the '05 Big Chill. My low estimate is that collectively, there are 200 years of Fishbone/TBF experience represented in this group.