Festivarians with Hope (for Haitian Children)

Hi Folks, Auntie Hope here :wave

I’ve registered on a fund raising page to help a specific group of chldren in Haiti. I’ve named “the Team” for us, our Festivarian Family, and you can see the fund raising page at Festivarians with Hope.

I, like many of us, am weary of casual donations and was looking for a specific organization. Then I heard from another Festivarian, yes, someone we all know and love very much, that is working with Restavek Children in Haiti. These are children that have been rescued from childhood slavery in Haiti, and by a man that was himself a Restavek Child. They needed help before, and they really need help since the earthquake.

TO MAKE A DONATION: click on Festivarians with Hope. You can click on my name to donate or set up your own account by checking the circle “Join A Team” and continue to next step to set up your own account and make your donation. I have not entered a “Goal” amount for the team because the real goal for us should just be to help all we can.

All funds raised by Festivarians with Hope will go directly to The Restavek Children in Haiti. Even if you can only give $5 or $10, every little bit adds up to full “team” support, and remember, one of our own will be keeping watch over these children.

Thanks for your time and hopefully your support!
All My Love,
Auntie Hope