Festival Signs

Just a little info for the newbies…

There are a few signs in the festi-field that one should read upon entry.

One in particular refers to smokers, asking them to be polite smokers (as I always am, I hope).

Just take a look around. If you see families or other Festivarians that are not smoking, pay attention to which way your smoke is blowing and adjust your position accordingly. That is all that’s asked of you. To be polite.

Anyone else remember other signs on the festi-field? I’d love your input! :thumbsup

Auntie Hope :festivarian2 :green

“No high back chairs beyond this point”

“No sunshades beyond this point”


I think I’ll have to make myself a sign to carry around that reads “This Point” :lol :lol :lol :lol

“You are entering the People’s Republic of Utarpia. Admission cost: New Belgium Beers or Sister’s Dumplings. Tie Dye required. No walruses.”

ok to amend to the above?


Wouldn’t Walruses actually be Walri? :wink:

No Standin’ Here

At the front by the fence. I believe you can stand there once the last band comes on… anytime before that and you’ll be politely reminded not to block the view of the other festivarians.

Also, there’ll be plenty of signs designating the different dumpsters for trash, compost, and recyclables.

PAUL was the Walrus. Koo-koo-ka-choo!

the only signs I could think of were
‘Killer Flank Steak’
‘Beer line starts here’

I like the signs that are posted before you get into the fest, have you ever noticed them?

Last year there were a ton of mirrors set up with cracks in them and a note posted on each and it read
“It has to be a little cracked, to let the light in…” hum, must be an inside joke. :rolleyes

Years before that, for many years there was a poster of dogs playin poker, another inside thing I’m sure.

Is there a no clapping sign? :lol

Something to the effect “No hacky-sack on the grass” and “No frisbee’s” :flower

You can stand there for a second or two to snap a quick photo, but otherwise it’s just for passing through.

And on the road through the Town Park campground heading backstage there’s the sign “Speed Limit - 5 MPH”
Which most people don’t pay attention to and it kicks up a lot of dust…

until the year I put up the following signs on the road…

Driving Slow…

Is a Must…

So we don’t…

Eat your dust…

Burma Shave.

That slowed them down. :thumbsup

Which reminds me…been thinkingof this for several years but not til I get to TP… anyone have one of those “children playing” figures that they sell that we can set up around the bathroom corner across from fishbone fpr those days when the traffic gets a bit intense and people seem to drive around that blind corner a little too fast and there are usually kids and adults kids standing there in the road…

My neighbors have one around here somewhere. I’ll see if I can bring it.
“Slow… Children at Play” :flower

How about…, not children at play… let’s get creative…

one child on banjo and one child on mando

That’s a good one, Hope!

And I remember another sign:

There’s a large map sign on the fence that divides Warner Field from the entrance path that has push pins so people can indicate where they came from?