Festival Pics to share?

Anyone (more responsible and detail oriented than I) take pictures?

I took over 900 photos this year, and I’m still deep in the editing process. As a result, I don’t have anything to share yet, but I will be doing a book. I’ll post its availability here when I’ve got some stuff to share.

I did produce a 2012 slideshow with music on YouTube, and I have a book out as well. I’m not trying to promote myself or to make money on the book, but I wanted to let you know that the book is available for sale. I talked to Telluride Tom at Town Park back in June about the efficacy of posting something that’s for sale, and he said that it was fine. The book is $50.00. Just so you know, the book costs me $48.00 every time someone orders it, so I’m not in it for the money. I just wanted to be able to share it with the good Telluride folks who might be interested in it. I will say that it is high quality and gives a very solid impression of what the experience is all about. Even if you don’t have $50.00 to spend, there is a wonderful Preview button that allows you to flip through all the pages to see the images. It’s worth a tour.

Here’s the link to the 2012 slideshow (music by Thile):


Here’s the link to the 2012 book:


Love the video (which Thile song IS that?!?!).

Are u thinking about doing a 2013 book?

The Thile track on the slideshow is “Raining at Sunset” from his cd “Not All Who Wander are Lost”. And yes, I’ll definitely be doing a 2013 book, but it might take me another month or so. I’ll post a link to the Forum when it’s done.

put a few pics up on picasa … what a fun trip !



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LOVE THAT and Thank you!

LOVE the Front Porch Backdrop! OUTSTANDING!!! :medal

Hey, looks just like my awesome trip! (sans NoDak) Great pics and really love the vids… :cheers
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It’s taken a while to get this project done, but at long last, here is a link to a video slideshow from TBF 2013, just in time to rekindle the flame as we look forward to the tickets going on sale on December 6th. Maybe you’ll find yourself in one of the photos. The soundtrack is “Slopes” from the Strength in Numbers cd called “The Telluride Sessions” (1989). A book will be forthcoming, too


Here is my photo set from last year on Facebook. I am not not sure if my privacy settings are set so that everyone can see them though…


Nice work…3:26 though? Ewwww… :wink:

I was thinking you meant the frame at 3:37. Saturday afternoon is fake-puke time in the crosswalk near Spinal Tarp.

Great song selection for a wonderful slide show. :cheers
Thanks for sharing! (I accidentally typed “sharting”, and that’s prob also happening @ 3:37?) :giggle
Telluride Sessions is the record that starts and ends our long pilgrimage to TBF every time… :lovedr

While some are celebrating tickets today, and some are not (I’m one who got shut out - help?), I have completed my photo book on the 2013 40th anniversary festival. It is 122 pages and contains 162 color and b&w photos of musicians, festivarians, the town, and the general scene. Blurb is the printer, and they have the finest quality going for this kind of project. It costs about $49.00, and I’m not making a dime on it. I just want to make it available to you all, if you’re interested. You can click on the “Preview” button and flip your way all the way through the book. Here’s the link:


You can also see most of the same photos in a video slideshow, which I posted above, but here’s the link again:


Nice photos and my all time fav is the first page! The girl boots with the mic stand. Very Bluegrass and frameable!

Keep watching the Forum, tickets show up .

Thank you for that taste of Tride. I’m ready are you? :cheers good luck!

The “girl boots” were worn by the bassist from Lake Street Dive, Bridget Kearney. That photo was taken from the side of the stage at FirstGrass.