festival newbie with some questions

I just bought my ticket to my first Telluride Festival. I am super excited :eek. I found pretty good packing list that I plan to use. I have a few questions though (I’ll probably think of more later) :huh. I looked at camping options and I was thinking about buying a ticket at the lawson hill campground. I will be driving from California. Will I be able to park my car near the campground? Can I drive to the festival grounds? Or will I need to bring another form of transportation (such as a skateboard)? How far is that campground from the city of Telluride? Can I bring beer into the festival grounds :cheers(before you laugh, remember that I’ve never been to a music festival before)? Do you have any other advise for a brand newbie such as myself? Your help is greatly appreciated, and I’m looking forward to seeing everyone there :wave!

:wave Welcome aboard :cheers

You’ll be able to park your car near the campground for unloading, the cordial planet bluegrass volunteers will then direct you to an excellent parking space where you can park your car for the duration of the festival.

The shuttle service is clean and runs constantly throughout the day and night, giving you a chance to meet and greet many fellow Festivarians. Everything in Telluride is within walking distance anyway.

It’s much better to leave your beer in camp since glass and alchohol cannot be brought into the festival grounds. Do not dismay, there is plenty of beer available at the KOTO beer booth, you can purchase beer in a reusable souvenir cup and support local community radio, all at the same time! I call THAT a trifecta.

Lastly spend some time reading the threads in this forum, they will do more than answer all of your questions.

They might just alter your mind. :abduct


Welcome!!! Okay…Lawson Hill…you won’t be able to park within walking distance, so plan for no car access (don’t forget anything or it will be a bit of a trip to retrieve items). The campground is also a good distance from the festival, so walking would be loooong, but biking (or skateboarding) is reasonable. It’s a couple miles or so. They also run shuttle buses. You can’t bring beer into the fest, but they sell beer inside.

Come and plan on having a great time!! You’ll find everyone to be very friendly and helpful. Your campground-mates will be very willing to help or give you advice, directions, and maybe a drink.

Like I tell all the newbies: Just come!

Welcome to the fun!
Things you can bring into the festival, food, water bottle, sunscreen (highly recommended), soda, additional clothing (it gets chilly when the sun goes down), cash for all the beer, festi stuff from vendors and Killer Flank Steak.
Oh and your low festival chair/tarp.
Hope to see you there.
Beth :flower

Hey man what up, ya bro for sure bring the skate they got a little skatepark in telluride. I will also be staying at lawson hill and will for sure be bringin my deck so maybe i’ll find ya( the only other dude with a skate)Im leavin in 11 days :cheers

Yo Bra! Last year the skate park was closed during festival because of vendor row. I’m not sure if it was a total closure.

If you’re riding the shuttle or a bike in from Lawson, make sure you pack an entire day’s worth of clothes - be ready for 100 degree heat, occasional rain and even snow, ‘cause you wont’ easily be able to get back to camp or to your car for that extra jacket when you need it.

The temperature drops about 60 degrees in 30 minutes when the sun sets, so you have to be ready to swap your flip flops for wool socks and your straw hat for a fleece one.