Festival newbie questions

greetings~ another newbie here…

I’ll be camping at Lawson for the 4day experience…what should I bring? what should I forget?

Any insights about the instrument check?

I’ll be rolling in either wednesday night or thursday morning…will I have space to set up camp or will I be nesting in my car by then??

looking forward to 4-days of muscial fun!
Warmly, Ruby~

It’s late, so I’ll make this quick and others will pick up the slack. Take the time inbetween to read over the forum and then ask more question if need be! :thumbsup

Next year you’ll forget about just being there for four days. This year, everything from your bathing suit to your ski jacket. Tent and the “Oh Goodness, it DOES get cold here during the summer” camping gear.

No nesting in the car. Keep reading and I’m sure you’ll make new friends very quickly and have plenty of room for festivating! :cheers

I’m guessing here, but I don’t think DRM is camping. Probably a condo. They’re a pretty hot act and I’m sure Planet Bluegrass is taking very good care of them during their stay in Telluride!

Welcome to the Forum and I’m sure you’ll feel like family Very Soon!


Auntie Hope :green

much thanks Auntie Hope…

the Dave Rawlings comment was just a little joke :slight_smile:

but seriously: how does the instrument check work and can I trust my instruments there?..

hello rubymarble!
check out a few past threads:
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These might help answer some of your packing questions. A few years ago we rolled into Lawson thursday morning/afternoon and had no problems finding a spot. It is a great spot to camp! You will find folks to pick with you! Bring a warm sleeping bag!! Bring extra beer, or your favorite drink for campsite swillin’, and pack for all weather. Bring a rain jacket, camelback (or a refillable water bottle), sunscreen, and a hat is a must!!
Good luck!! :cheers

thanks for the tips!

I’d be interested in learning more about the instrument checking, too. I’d really like to bring a guitar if I can keep it out of the sun/heat.

Also, is jamming done at the festival during the day or just at the camp sites?

24/7… or 10, if your campground applies.

You are going to LOVE the pickin’ circles in Telluride! I do!!!

Year after year, I fall asleep and wake to music. It just doesn’t get any better than…


Auntie Hope :festivarian2 :green

As a newbie now packing for this long awaited pilgrimage, i wanted to know about the procedure for checking in. We have our tickets in hand, and want to know how we go about exchanging them for wristbands. Also, what do the wristbands give us access to. As a now deadicated lurker on the forum, i see that there are many really fun-sounding activities planned in the various camps. Will we (as non-campers) be welcomed to visit and participate? Having read about some of the unfortunate problems with cooler thefts and the like, I could understand if there is some hesitancy about welcoming non-campers. But as a member of the Festival Nation, I sure would like to mingle and see how the campgrounds are run, and maybe in years coming I could convince my other half to give it try :wink: We can hardly wait to join all you good folks in just a few short days :hop Any other advice/suggestions welcome …

The box office at the edge of Town Park should be open by the Sunday or Monday before festival, and you can exchange your tickets there.
You’re welcome to come into Town Park to visit up until the first day of the festival, so stop on by and say high. :cheers

Don’t worry - we’ll all be able to tell the thieving low lifes apart from the Festivarian Nation. I predict you’ll know 'em when you see 'em.

Vibe is different, grunginess level is way higher (we do grungy with style, they’re just dirty), and they’ll be the only ones in the campground who don’t have their own beer. In fact, they’ll probably look like they just crawled out of a hole in the ground. At least that’s how it’s been in the past.

Great! I’m looking forward to putting faces to names. On the topic of beer, etc., are we permitted to bring the beverages of our choice onto the festival grounds, or only into the camps? I’m sure glass bottles are not allowed, but how about cans or other containers … I suppose by the way you chose your words non-campers will not be permitted to visit the camp grounds once the festival begins. Or are you permitted by invitation-only - we’d love to see/listen/participate in(?) some of campground jam sessions if possible … just asking :slight_smile:

No alcohol is allowed to be brought into the festival.
You’re welcome to bring some into the campground early to share. :cheers
Once the festival starts you won’t be allowed to enter the Town Park campground unless you have a pass (no visitors).

OK Tom, thanks for the heads up - hope to meet up with you at some point :cheers