Festival lanyard laminates?????

Are any of you creative types out there making schedule laminates this year? Hope so.
Also hope everyone who wanted (and deserves) a Wander-In’ t-shirt has one because it is probably too late now.

I think Gipper has that covered :thumbsup

Gipper and I (mostly Gipper) re-designed my formerly very home-made looking laminated pocket schedules. I’m sure the schedules from the last two years have become highly collectible on their own ( :eek), but I think you’ll all be impressed with how nice and professional they look this year. But no sneak peaks yet! The 2008 version is the best laminated pocket schedule ever, if I do say so myself.

So, they’re in the mail to me from the printer and me and Gipper will have a few to hand out starting probably around Tuesday before the Fest (any earlier and you’d all lose them!). They’re free - not for sale, of course. We might even have a few more than last year. Many Town Park vets who know us and/or arrive early will have one reserved; except Evil James, and he gets two :thumbsup

Hey Bevin- I think you owe me 2…LOL Never got that one that was promised 2 years ago…

J/K but yes, I would love one if extra

Thanks Bevin - Can I sell the extra one???
EJ :evil :evil :evil