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I was just wondering about the envirnment and vibes at TBF, I lived in Telluride for a year and thought it was the chillest town imaginable!! :thumbsup but I was wondering what to expect with the population, drug friendlyness, and bluegrass music in general. The only group I have heard of is yonder mountain but I am sure every group/ artist is guaranted to be dope! :thumbsup

T-ride is very chill during Fest-time. Everyone is wearing their “smiley bluegrass aura” and is on their best, happiest and friendliest behavior. You can make friends for life at Bluegrass Festival!

But I would never consider any bluegrass festival - especially Telluride Bluegrass - as “drug friendly.” Save that description for the unbridled, dosed-out madness of the “scenes” and “fans” that we never, ever want to see invade T-ride Bluegrass, such as what you’d see at certain, less restrained events. The “well managed buzz” is what’s in everyone’s best interest. Pacing yourself is key - it’s a marathon of partying, not a sprint. And while I’ve got nothing against Panic or Bonaroo or scenes like that, I’d hate to see newcomers show up and start treating Telluride Bluegrass like it’s the old days on Dead tour or something. I was there, and that was fun (Dead tour, that is) but Bluegrass Festival is different, and special, and I care about it a great deal.

For myself, I especially don’t want to see things which would serve to bring about unwanted and regressive change at those special festivals that treat you like an adult and leave you alone, like Telluride Bluegrass, where I hope they never change their approach to event security because the crowd behaves in ways that don’t justify stepping up “enforcement” or “security.” In other words, it’s a cool scene, and if you’re cool to it, it’ll be cool to you.

Also be aware that there’s tons of kids and families around and while the audience is probably 90% liberal and open minded and ready to party with you, certain behaviors should be exercised carefully, in a super low-key way, lest we jeopardize the long-established but still delicate balance between audience, promoters, event security and the local boys in blue (who are amazingly friendly, by the way). It’s still possible to get busted in Telluride. Not everything is out in the open.

Was that a rant? I think it was. No offense meant, and I’m sure you’re going to love the music, the crowd and the entire scene, but the entire experience is special and deserves to be treated carefully. I just love it all so much that I tend to get worked up about it sometimes.

Be cool. Have fun. See you there.

Great post, Bevin. :medal

As always Bevin… handled with diplomacy and class. Perhaps you should be nominated as Secretary of State!

xoxo Rhonny

Great Rant!

Secretary of State of Mind :thumbsup

Yep, well said. :medal and Thank you

Is it possible to keep the festival just as is,forever, till I die? I hope so.
And thank you PBG :love

Great post Bevin! :cheers

Bevin !

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Amen. Now I know that I have made a good choice to take my family to TBF this year. I don’t post much on this site…or any site for that matter because I’m not much of an internet chatter, but I had to give this Bevin fellow some props because that was very well said.

I’ve never been to Telluride, but will be there in 4 days, but wow, you nailed that post. Might have to copy and paste that for other events I attend. :thumbsup

hey Cody,

Bevin’s “rant” hit the nail perfectly on the head but don’t feel slammed. There is a reason everyone is so passionate.

Last year was our first year and not knowing at all what to expect we left feeling the place was special. I’m sure you will too. Good people, atmosphere, vibes, food, festivities, everyone respecting each other, having a good time because everyone around them is having a good time, some of the best music you can imagine played before an appreciative crowd, with everyone embracing every minute and not wanting it to end. I’ve never been so relaxed and energized at the same time. Obviously we are back for more for a reason.

It’s not utopia, it’s utarpia. If you have “smiles 4 a mile” you will look and feel like everyone else.

Enjoy, just don’t feel slammed. :flower

I love this festival, as well as the experienced festivarians more and more everyday and I haven’t even stepped foot in Colorado yet. Is it time to leave yet? :wave :thumbsup

One week from today, you’ll realize that it won’t work for the other festivals…and that’s what makes Telluride special. :wink:

I’m excited, too. :hop

See you all soon.


Thanx a lot Bevin that really explained the atmosphere at TBF, I hope to see you there and we can chit chat more, you are one rad dude. Thank you for putting such a detailed response to my question :thumbsup

see y’all there :wink:

P.S. only 6 days left till opening day!! Hooray!!


In the words of my owner, Judge Smails, that post was “Top notch”. :thumbsup

Hope to see you there, too, Cody. Come to the beer tent at 6:45 pm on Thursday, after Del McCoury, for the annual Festivarian family photo.

Well put Bevin :medal,
Last year we went to a northern CA festival and I was really expecting the same vibe as TBF, Rockygrass, Lyons experience and was sooo dissappointed. The music was great but the scene was just “different”. I may go back to that festival, but will always go to TBF every year. The thing I like best about T-ride is that you have so many different folks attending and everyone is respectful of each other.
Thank you PBG and my fellow festivarians for making TBF so great!
Beth :flower
The hubby said it was really cold last night, but he was still wearing shorts and a t-shirt???

wouldn’t that be “State of Mind” …?