FERG: are we OFFICIALLY cancelled / postponed???

Wow I hate to ask but our vacation times have to pave scheduled months in advance. We are coming up on a decision point where, if we don’t cancel our June days off, we cannot get more time off in August or October or whenever.

I read Tim O’Brien’s Facebook page and he indicated a cancellation. But I’m hoping you can confirm or deny.

Please advise!

Thank you and please stay safe!!!

I am not Craig, but the June dates are cancelled, absolutely. His post has said it, Tim’s post said it, & the town of Telluride has the word… :frowning:

All, please remember that any “official” announcement after seeing all the confirming posts takes A LOT of planning and crafting from Ferg and the Planet. An official announcement probably will come with lots of details about ticket refund/deferral information and lots of legal discussions. I’m pretty sure they aren’t lollygagging around the Planet offices and ignoring us. Just keep hitting refresh on the forum every 30 seconds until something pops up because what else have you got to do sitting around your house quarantined in your underwear today??

A really great way for those who appreciate the unique nature of TBG would be to not seek a refund in order to make sure that there will be a 2021 fest!

:cheers :cheers

Here’s an idea, everyone that fails to seek a refund and only those get a 47th Annual Tshirt and wearing those shirts becomes a source of pride and shows your commitment to the festival.

Agree completely on the refund. I would be super happy just to have my ticket go towards 2021.

“There is nothing I hate more than canceling shows.”
– John Prine
We are finally able to inform Festivarian Nation that the Forty-Seventh Telluride Bluegrass Festival has been laid to fallow.
This is the easiest and most difficult decision that Planet Bluegrass has ever made; and, just when we had summoned the courage to finally announce to the world, John Prine passed.
These words have been erased a dozen times. Neither fire, nor flood. A bug.
It is a devastating realization that the very reason for the existence of Planet Bluegrass is unsafe to festivarians at this time. And far more devastating for the artists to feel the very purpose of their soul should not be expressed, at a time it’s needed most.
We know the word has leaked out and apologize we haven’t had a public announcement while we’ve scurried to have personal conversations with “the family.” It’s a big family, and the conversations are tender.
And so now we turn to you, Festivarian Nation.
Won’t you fallow forth with us? We don’t know the way, but we know where we are going. The journey to Festivaria is more mysterious than ever; but, we will gather again.
We will be contacting all ticket holders directly and offering full refunds. Please look for an email in the coming week.
How will you fallow?
With hearts full of amazement and hope,
Ferg and the Planet Bluegrass Family

It was ‘good" to see this come across the social medias this morning. Closure. I already had my big sad about it, combined with the gut punch of losing John Prine. We’ve got this - next year. Big ol’ reunion.

Stay healthy - we will have 2021 … and time flies.