Favorite FTP and BitTorrent Sites ...

I thought it would be good to get a thread going so we can share good FTP and BitTorrent sites (legal, of course) for downloading music. I’ll start the list with:


Not surprisingly, it’s full of Frank’s shows, and related shows (ZPZ, Captain Beefheart, etc.)

WOW thanks for this link… :medal Sorry I can’t return the favor and add a site to this … :flower

How about the obvious…



Here’s another one …


Been an etree member since 1999, and that’s where I was exposed to most of the music I collect today…

I miss bluegrassbox, that was my favorite for getting that high, lonesome sound fix - especially after the Tut Taylor archives were purchased/released.

I’ve found quite a few others, I’ll have to peruse the favs on the upstairs PC (hiding out in the man-cave now)…but one I’ve been hitting lately is http://www.shnflac.net

I’m surprised that no one has metioned Tapers.org and thespps.org, both run by our very own Paul Rennix. I’ll also throw out COtapers.org, dimeadozen.org and digitalpanic.org.



Be sure to check out thespps.org. It’s the place to go for the Tut tapes.