Fall 2012 Wildflower Pavilion Series

It’s time again to enjoy some intimate shows at the pavilion as summer slips to fall…

Join us for The Wildflower Pavilion Series this fall. We’re really excited about the lineup:

Sunday, September 9th - Sierra Hull & Highway 111 w/ Special Guests, Anne & Pete Sibley - $20

Saturday, September 22nd - The Mabon Celebration w/ Adam Aijala & Ben Kaufmann - $30 / $10 camping

Friday, October 19th - Grant Farm w/ Interstate Stash Express - $10 ADV

Saturday, October 20th - Jesse Winchester- $25

Friday, October 26th - Abigail Washburn w/ special guests, Cahalen Morrison & Eli West - $17 ADV

Friday, November 2nd - Pert Near Sandstone - $12 ADV


Information and tickets are available at www.wildflowerpavilion.com

Keep in mind that we have the ability to fully enclose the pavilion now with our custom doors.

The walls will be open for fresh air when the weather allows, and closed to keep the room cozy and warm when the weather dictates.

…and don’t discount the serenity of a fire by the river on an early spring weekend night.

We’re looking forward to seeing you a few more times in 2012!



Very excited to see Pert Near on that line up. They’re one of my favorite up and coming artists. Well done!

Thanks Sugar!

You gonna make it down for that one? :flower

So sorry to hear the show had to cancel.
Saturday, October 20th - Jesse Winchester- $25

Hope you Feel better Jesse, was looking forward to listening. :flower