Entry to telluride to hike

TBF virgin here. If I want to enter town to hike the waterfall or jud Weibe or Bear creek or ….but am not a camp or festival ticket holder, will I be allowed into town via road or gondola or prohibited from entry? And if so would my best parking bet be mountain village gondola lot? Trying to score ticket and camping but if unable, I still want to enter town for lunch and hikes. Is this possible? :wave Thanks! Btw if anyone has festival and or camp tickets, I’m looking!

It’s almost impossible to drive into, or park during the festival. Best bet is to park at mid mountain, and catch one of the free shuttles into town.

Thank you.

Telluride is on a state highway it would be illegal for the town to close it during festivals. Plenty of people traveling through there have NO idea there is even a festival happening. I have witnessed that many times when I work the Blues n Brews Festival in September. It is a public entity and the road is paid for with state taxes. No one can be denied entry into town just because a festival is taking place. Yes it does make parking scarce, but there is a public lot at the west end of town. The festival is at the east end of town. There are shuttle busses running all day until late in the night. You can come in and hike all the trails you want, just can’t access Bear Creek from Town Park but there are other access points in town.

The hike to the falls starts in town and goes behind Town Park. It is not a difficult hike the trail being an old mining road. It is well worth it. Go early in the morning before it gets crowded. I liked it so much I had to do it twice last year. The best place to park will be Mountain Village and then take the gondola to/from Telluride. Enjoy!