Emmylou Harris will be on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno tonight 9/17/07 and I’ll be tuned in for sure. :flower

Her new boxed set “Songbird” is well worth purchasing, by the way. :thumbsup
Four CD’s and a DVD with many previously unreleased songs.

Are you going to throw a party in her honor tonight, Tom??? :hop :hop :hop

Right after the weekly chat session. :cheers

Will you be here? :lol

To quote Jay Leno after her appearance…

“This is the Emmy I want”


Sorry I missed it, Tom. The Washington Redskins are one of the biggest priorities we’ve got here in DC (particularly when they are winning!).

Must have taken Jay a whole week to come up with one-liner about Emmylou. :wink:

Emmylou just released a new official website…


Her unofficial site is still running too…



So Tom…Do you think Emmy was waiting to see if she would get big before she went "official and .com ???
Just kidding!!! :lol I LOVE Emmy Lou!!! :flower :love