Elks Park Speculation Thread

Alright, now that we have the skinny on the main stage it’s time to start speculatin’ on the Elks park lineup so that we don’t all go untortured for the next two months.


3 song Nickel Creek Reunion set in the guise of Watkins Family Hour

Punch Brothers Ahoy!

Noam Pikelney, et al


Emmylou and Del. :flower
What could be sweeter. :thumbsup

I like that idea!

get Thile and Sutton up there to reprise their killer set there from a few years ago

Holding out hope that Darrell is traveling with Tim all summer, therefore…maybe in one of the parks?

I’d love to see a Punch Brothers happy hour show like we had last year (AHOY!!!), and a Nickel Creek Reunion would be amazing.

There are just too many amazing opportunities for collaborations in this year’s lineup. This is my second TBF, so now I know that Elks Park is where you get to see those once-in-a-lifetime sets. Wheeeeee!!! Is it June yet?

One thing is certain, based on the main stage schedule, this year it will be tricky to decide where to be!


…still cracks me up!

They still use it in their shows. It was really appropriate when they played on the cruise ship for Mountain Song at Sea a few weeks ago! :wink:


Ever find yourself in the type of pickle that involves an awesome show on the main stage at the same time as a stellar show at Elks Park? Yea… first world problems :wink:

Nickel Creek Reunion - yes!
GSBG - maybe in the not-so-hungover-key-of-Michigan (although I did enjoy that show and them boys are always welcome in TownPark!) :thumbsup

Still speculating…would love to see Nickel Creek get together at Elks Park.

I could see Mumford & Sons in Elks Park sometime on Friday since they’re closing Thurs & NG Sat… Speaking of night grass… There’s some main stage overlap causing some tough decisions to be made on Thursday & Saturday…being a first timer, I ask, is there always overlap?

Yup, overlap is normal, bastards! :wink:

I doubt there will be a Nickel Creek Reunion at Elks Park. If they were going to book that, it would be on the main stage. I’d love to see the Dusters do something at Elks Park. A Dusters-Greensky collaboration would be spectacular. The one I’d really like to see, but doubt will take place, is a Sam and Del performance.

It would be killer if Mumford did a small set, up close and personal. :medal :medal

I hear they did one last year on at elks park. they also did one at the kids tent last year at newport folk, and a watkins family hour.

All were not billed, and just a handful of songs. They do seem to give a heads up on that twitter thing before it goes down though

AMEN to that! Just looking to see when we might catch a break to run back to the condo and at least a couple of days, looks nigh near impossible.

:wave PB page updated Elks Park Lineup to COMING SOON! :thumbsup