Elks Park shows?

I’ve looked all over the Planet Bluegrass site and don’t see any mention of Elks Park. Is there still music there?

I’ve been trying to figure this out as well. The only mention I can find is for the band contest prelim round starting 10am on Thursday.

As far as I can tell, Planet Bluegrass has not applied for any dates for Elks park thru Town CCAASE. They do, however, seem to have a hold on the calendar at the transfer warehouse during the festival days, so I wonder if they’ll host there again like last year.

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I noticed that the Workshops page has last year’s info on it. It would be a shame to have no shows at Elks. It has always been one of my favorite parts of my TBF.


Wow they should probably update their website then: https://bluegrass.com/telluride/lineup/telluride-band-contest (look under Schedule).

Last year all the workshop sessions were at the Warehouse, and Elks Park wasn’t used. With the vastly larger audience this year, I was hoping they’d use both venues…

There’s definitely a few shows already scheduled for the Transfer. Seem’s Elks and Sunset schedules aren’t being on the PB schedule??

Just a call back from Planet Bluegrass. THERE WILL BE ELK PARK SHOWS!!

Nice! Glad to hear that!