Elephant Revival

For fans of ER, here’s something interesting. They are booked to play on the east coast on June 15, 16 and 17. That means the only day they could play would be Sunday the 18th. So don’t look for them at Elks Park, First Grass or probably any Nightgrass shows.

We might be looking at something different, but I’m pretty sure there’s still possibility for them to be around more than one day depending on how their Mountain Jam schedule (which technically includes even the 18th on their website) shakes out.

I really hope so. Was hoping for Nightgrass for sure.

I guess I need to try to see them in April here in Cleveland even though I’ll be at the Indians home opener the night before ER plays. I’m normally too old for this “back to back” stuff, but may need to make an exception this time.

:burn :cheers

p.s. more importantly, when am I gonna see ER next? :sunshine

ER plays Red Rocks Sunday May 21