There are 10,000 of us bright and resourceful folks that attend this beautiful event every year. Let us put our heads together to come up with a cost effective approuch to Dust control. Being Green should also apply to air quality.

Wet hay or donated woodchips for path ways and dance areas would be an easy fix.

Good suggestion. My nose would thank you very much. Festi-boogers are interesting to look at but I would prefer to do without them.

My suggestion is…Tarps. Throw them down in the aisles/dance area. We have them everywhere else anyway already, right? Maybe some orange ones to denote the aisles. Long rolls of tarp could be put down the aisles every morning right after tarp run to keep the walking dust down the remainder of the day and rolled back up at night.

I felt like I woke up every morning with a smoker’s hack. Well, actually I DID wake up every morning with a smoker’s hack but that is beside the point. The air quality was horrific. I’ve got allergies and asthma and so the whole festival was a sneeze fest for me.

Why not just use good old fashion water? They were wetting some areas down with fire hoses. How hard can that job be to extend that to the pathways? That or use some sort of portable water wagon. Mud is BIG fun to dance in and doesn’t choke up your lungs - well unless you face plant in it, but that’s another story.

There is a ground cover used by the NFL to cover turf on the sidelines that works great. It is water permiable, protects grass, and I am sure it would hold down dust. I used it to protect grass and prevent it from turning to mud at a parade once many moons ago. I’m guessing 30,000 people walked over it on a rainy day and it worked great. It is very thin (like paper) and comes in big wide/long rolls. The only problem would be recycling, I’m not sure how reusable it would be, but these days maybe something like it is made out of a compostable material. :thumbsup

(we had a sick one in the tent all weekend that was a bit affected by dust as well)

…or maybe the planet bluegrass could find someone to lead us in a rain dance everyday at one of the mid-afternoon breaks. :dancing

Hey! I’m part American Indian so I’ll try that!!!

Well it appeared that Telluride has already begun, looked like some sort of recycled rubber product in the aisles, just a dirth of it.

Maybe tack on a small surcharge next year and bring in a fresh load.

This is great news!!! Cheers :cheers To our health :cheers
No problem with the surcharge, it’s worth it!!