Dumb question?

Hi, I just updated my SeeTickets account in preparation for sale ( 4am on Friday for us). I can’t see the Festival on their site. Do I have it wrong? Are tickets still being sold through See Tickets?

Sorry if I have this wrong, I do find US ticket sellers a bit confusing.

Thanks everyone


Hey Lesley,

It’s still being held through SeeTickets. The site will update shortly before the sale to show the onsale options.

Thank you! :heart:

But the email last week said go to shop.bluegrass.com. That did open up to See but really I hope they send something out with more clarity. Is there a lottery? We haven’t actually purchased this way since 2019, joined a pod in 2021 and rolled our 2019 this year. So really feel a bit lost . . .

Ya, shop.bluegrass.com is intended to redirect to SeeTickets. The sale format is not a lottery but an online queue. You’ll want to enter the queue before 10am on Thursday and as the sale starts everyone will be assigned a random number. From there waves of numbers will be allowed to purchase tickets. It’s honestly not that complex, you just need to have some luck on your side. If you have any other questions about this process, drop them here!

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Sorry, I also feel like a dummy . . . do I enter the queue after I log into shop/See, through my own log-in? Or is there a specific avenue for that?

I understand the confusion and I think it stems from the fact that what you’re seeing now is different from what you’ll see the day of the sale.

Between about 9 and 10am Mountain on Thursday, go to shop.bluegrass.com which will redirect you to the Planet Bluegrass SeeTickets page. By that time that page will have TBF listed and from that page is where you will enter the queue. It’ll make way more sense as we get closer to live. Clear as mud!?

Email last week?

Last email I have from Planet Bluegrass is late October. That’s weird……

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Hmmm, same here…

Yeah, we haven’t had an email from PB since Octoberish.

Hey all,

Geoff from PB HQ here. This is the big week and I am glad to hear people are getting anxious! I am almost ready to post the two events at shop.bluegrass.com. You should be able to see them by Wednesday morning at the latest. Also, be on the lookout for a big ‘Notes from the Planet’ sometime before Thursday that will have all you need to know. One change is that Mary E Camping will be bundled with a 4-Day pass similar to Town Park and Warner Field. Other than that, just be sure to get to the event a little before 10am MT so you get in the Queue for the best chance to score the tickets you want. In the meantime, feel free to call/email us with any questions or concerns.

Thanks everybody, TBF50 is going to be a hoot!


Follow up question! Do I need to have an account with SeeTickets or will I just be able to purchase tickets when they go on sale without a SeeTickets account?

Hi and welcome! :wave:

You do not need an account set up beforehand but it might be a slightly easier check out process if you do. Note if you do set up an account prior to the sale, you won’t be able to add a credit card until checking out so have that handy!

I was curious how much the 4day standalone festival passes will be this year? Just trying to budget for the family!

Here’s 2023 ticket pricing info: 2023 Festival Ticket Info — Planet Bluegrass • Colorado Music Festivals & Concerts • Lyons, CO

4 day is $370.

To avoid confusion, do people who want to get a Festival Pass including camping at Town Park or Warner Field pull up the Tickets page or the Camping & Contests page? I would assume it is the Camping & Contests page but don’t want to lose valuable time going to the wrong place. Thanks!

Passes available under the “Tickets” page will be: 4 Days, Single Day, Town Park, Warner Field, Mary E (Mary E is bundled with a 4 day pass this year)

Passes available under the “Camping/Contests” page will be: Vehicle Pass, RV Pass, Band/Troub Contest

However, you should be able to easily navigate to the other section regardless of which one you start out in.


Correct, thanks Culas!

So if I want two 4-day tickets AND RV camping at Town Park I will need to navigate to both the “tickets” page to purchase my two 4-day passes and then to the “camping/contest” page to buy an RV pass?

Once I do that all the tickets will be in my cart? Sorry, this is my first time trying to do this. Super excited!

I don’t believe so. PB has indicated that even though they have different pages, both will be accessible on the same page. From PB’s own documentation: “Both events will have the same queue, and you will be able to easily navigate between the two events once you have entered one of them by scrolling down past all the ticket types in the current event.”

Source: 2023 Festival Ticket Info — Planet Bluegrass • Colorado Music Festivals & Concerts • Lyons, CO