Dumb Question (Onsite Load in Thursday)

Pumped for my 1st onsite camping after staying in a motel up the road the last 4 yrs.

Camping with a bunch of Rockygrass vets, but an odd ball question. In light of the weather report for tomorrow (i.e. Monsoon lol), is there any chance they will let folks start loading in prior to the normal 6 p.m. start time??

100% up to speed on the process (Get lotto number between 9 and 11, keep car there, etc)

Just curious if they ever pivot on times due to weather

and a HUGE thank you in advance to the Planet Bluegrass staff, you folks always treat us so good!

Fair question.

I’d imagine if they did something like that, they’d post notice and tell you as you got your number from 9-11.

I would not see them pulling a switcheroo without knowing about it when you pull in.

Hi there,

We don’t anticipate having any time change adjustments at this time.

If something changes, we’ll do our best to communicate. We have a new ability with our See Tickets ticketing company to send out a text message if we do need to delay load-in due to weather and we’ll try to utilize this if necessary.

However, it looks like it’ll be a day of rain! – Better than a super hot, dusty day and it’ll keep the river level raised for our tubers = less booty bruises and tube-scootin’ off shallow waters.

We’ll see you soon!

  • BluegrassNat