Duk Tape Man Endorses Tie Dye Party, Salutes Festival Season

Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Duk Tape Man, that unfortunately omnipresent Festival icon and n’er do well, today endorsed the 17th Annual Road to Rich’s Tie Dye Party as “the unofficial kick-off to a high season of fetivating and inebriating.”

“Hick, burrrp” says Duk Tape Man. “I’ve attended the last three Tie Dye Party events and have only the faintest and fuzziest of memories, but I believe I had me a grand ol’ time and I thinks ya’ll should check it out. There’s no finer way to jump-start your Festival Season than by getting lost in the desert backwoods of New Mexico.”

Confused Festivarians everywhere, who thought Telluride Bluegrass Festival marked the kick-off to Festival Season, are getting an early start on cooler-cleaning and are preparing their pilgrimage to Ramah, New Mexico, site of the annual festivities.

Rich Martin and Camp Totally Lit present the 17th Annual Road to Rich’s Tie Dye Party line-up:

The Santa Fe Allstars, featuring the lovely and incomparable Sharon Gilchrist
The Last to Know, discofunkgrass specialists from Taos, NM
Brown Chicken Brown Cow String Band, from West Va.
The Sandia Hots
Three String Bale
The Porter Draw
Mark Gibson (all the way from Birmingham, AL)

“Get your butt to Ramah or you’ll be missing out,” warns the lightly stoned Duk Tape Man. “Blaze and I will be happy to show you a good time, so long as we know where to find your cooler.”

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I endorshed dis? Have I’s bin ta dat pahtee??

'Scuse me.


Where’s ma steed? :horsey

Omg we get to Cook for Sharon again …Im Stoked!!!
Cleaning the coolers this weekend
and bringing the DTM proof booze box !
see yall in the Desert !

Yes, you did, you forgetful wad of tape.

I won the bet and you agreed to provide the endorsement. Why I agreed to that, I’ll never know. I would post a picture of you from last year’s party, but I’ve decided to be a gentleman and spare you the embarrassment. :lol

Endorsed! :thumbsup

Heyza, wha’ happs’ned ta dat hottie, Xoe? I’s wuz hopin’ for a hook-up… <hic!>

Well, the 17th Annual Road to Rich’s Tie Dye Party was a smashing success. Sorry if you had to miss it. The Festivarians who did make it all had a blast and we got Festival Season kicked off in style - despite the presence of Duk Tape Man.

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and we’ll add you to the email list.

And we’ll see ya’ll in Town Park in a few short weeks!

Bevin, that was a great party!

:bday to Rich