Don't forget Rain Gear!!

The forecast has been changing a little for Lyons this weekend. 40% on the rain for Thurs, Fri & Sat. May be a little like 2005 again.

What forecast is this? NOAA is saying 30% on Thursday, 20% Friday, and a slight chance for the rest of the weekend.

NOAA for Lyons, CO

On the plus side, the temps look normal which means that cold weather of 2005 won’t be here and it’s not likely to have that much rain. Probably just the usual occasional thunderstorm that passes through…

I was on


I used to go to but found that their forecasting was not so good to say the least. It was like a more generic forecast rather than specific for these difficult mountain locations (especially in the mountains for ski season). This is just my personal experience…

We’ll have fun in the sun or whatever else Pacha Mama throws at us!

absolutely :cheers
Rine or shine :cheers

I stopped using when their advertising got a little too “in my face”. We pay for NOAA and our views of the Flatirons are blocked by their building, so we might as well get something out of it.

Looks like a little cooling off for the weekend. But after dancing four days the (up to) 107 degree heat at High Sierra, I’m ready for whatever. At least we have a river!

Forecast changing daily - now it’s 20% chance for Friday, “slight chance rain” for Sat and Sun. Mark, should I throw in an extra pair of rain pants or are you gonna hang out in the old smoking tent if we get a downpour?

I’m with Eric here re: the NOAA thing, btw. is all about the ads, while is pure weather.

I’m good on the rain suit, thanks. I am ready to do my Gorton’s Fisherman impersonation again if necessary!

Most importantly…bring little umbrellas for your drinks to keep the rain from diluting down your favorite beverage.

One more thing for my shopping list!!! :thumbsup

Matt (…arriving Thursday night, after midnight…)

On the plus side, the temps look normal which means that cold weather of 2005 won't be here and it's not likely to have that much rain.

2005 was the best ever. I loved all of that rain and mud! And then the sun came out on Sunday.

Wasn’t soggygrass in 2004, or am i having a brain infarction?

Does anyone know for sure did it rain in lyons Thur or is it now???

It rained alot on Thursday night/Friday morning.