Done with your NightGrass Ticket Request/Offer?

This Forum platform doesn’t allow all users to edit/delete their posts based on a few factors of the individual’s Trust Level and/or whether or not your topic has been replied (posted) to.

If you are Trust Level 0-2: Please tag @BluegrassNat in a reply to your topic and request that your Topic be removed when it’s no longer valid.

Only once a Festivarian gains Trust Level 3 will they have the permissions to change the category as described below.

If your request or offer for a ticket type has been satisfied, please edit your post by changing the category from NightGrass Ticket Exchange / Swap (The Shop > NightGrass Ticket Exchange / Swap) to the new category that’s been created called Terminated Ticket Topics (The Shop > Terminated Ticket Topics).

I will periodically delete all of these expired posts.

If everyone can change the category of their unneeded topic to the Terminated Ticket Topics category, this will help to keep our Festivarian Forum clean and ease the search of others looking to buy/sell their NightGrass tickets.

If you’ll scroll in this menu, you’ll find the new section of Terminated Ticket Topics. You can also search the categories for Terminated Ticket Topics – “Term” works just fine.

Once you have selected the new category (Terminated Ticket Topics), please remember to select the “Save Edit” at the bottom of the Topic window to update your Forum Topic. This will keep it off of the active NightGrass Ticket Exchange / Swap topics.


If you have any questions, please feel free to call us at our Headquarters office:

  • Long-Distance: 1-800-624-2422
  • Local: 303-823-0848

Thank you kindly!

  • BluegrassNat :sunflower: