Dog Sitting Services / Kennels in Mtn Village/Telluride

… I know this is kinda late in the game … and … already have plans to board my black lab for duration of TBF before leaving … but . .wonder if any of ya’ll night-owls know if there are/ is any dog-sitters/kennels/boarding in Telluride or Mtn Village seeing as how TBF doesn’t allows 4-legged critters (aside from the drunk / high crawlers :wink: ).

Anyone have any info??


any updates on this? I would love to bring my Buddy along as well.

Only one I know of in Telluride, but here’s a list of those not too far away:

Telluride, CO 81435
(970) 864-7626

Camp Bow Wow
330 Denny Ct
Montrose, Colorado 81401

Double Diamond Kennels
23661 Horsefly Rd
Montrose, CO 81401
(970) 249-3067

Montrose Veterinary Clinic
2260 S Townsend Ave
Montrose, CO 81401
(970) 249-5469

Redclyffe Kennels
16793 Chipeta Rd
Montrose, CO 81401
(970) 249-6395

San Juan Veterinary Clinic LLC
822 Spring Creek Rd
Montrose, CO 81401
(970) 249-4490

Doggone Purrrfect Pet Sitting
P.O. Box 594
Norwood, CO 81423
(970) 327-0260

Doggie Playtime
Grand Junction, CO 81506
(970) 201-0367

Courtness and I boarded our dogs with WnW a couple of years ago. They are great to work with! Reasonably priced, too. (Much better than what we would have paid in Cali!) They will pick-up and drop-off Buddy from the campgrounds.

Check out their Web site to see photos of the pups playing in the endless open space. There is a link on their site for paperwork that they will need as well. (ie shots)
This is a good time to make your reservation! Good luck! :dog

Very intesting…thanks for the link. That is 1/2 price of what it is in Denver. Maybe I should take the ole girl doen to T-Ride with me!

My dog stayed at WashNWatch during TBF 2013. When I picked her up, she appeared shell-shocked (as well as two other dogs who were dropped off at the same time).

There is not endless open space. It’s a very small backyard without any grass. The house is very small and there were probably 15 dogs staying during TBF week in a single level, max 1,000 square foot space (excluding the outside).

I will not bring my dog back here.

I don’t own a dog, but I AM looking for a place to stay. Hmm…

Woof woof!

I have three dogs that I’ll need to find a sitter for. That should be fun, haha.

Hello all

Let’s refresh this conversation for 2014. Any telluride or mountain village kennel options pop up in the last year? Would love to find a closer spot to room our Malamute, Loki.


I just figured out how to access this subject (computerly challenged.) I wanted to respond to the person who took his dog to us, Wash-N-WatchDogs, and described his dog as being “shell-shocked” when he picked her up. I think I should explain what goes on in a multi-dog no-cage dog boarding situation, especially when Bluegrass happens. At those times, we have dogs come in from all over the country - very few of whom have been in this sort of environment. What they’re generally used to is very little structure - most owners prefer not to be “alpha.”

The quickest way to have a big dog fight is for us to not be in charge - meaning, telling the dogs what they can and cannot do, and praising/reprimanding for various behaviors. The average dog has a ball here - talk to one of our regular Telluride clients - and if that man’s dog was shell-shocked, it could be because his normal living situation is so different. We’ve been in business here for over 15 years, and have been in the business for more than 30 years. However - we recognize that we can’t satisfy all the people (or dogs) all of the time. We do apologize that the experience wasn’t as good as he hoped.

Our best referrals come from the dogs who (literally) jump through the driver’s side window into my lap when they hear my car’s engine! By the way - our home is roughly 1900 sf. and we do have a graveled dog yard (with an agility course) - hard to clean up otherwise - during which the dogs have constant access inside and out (in air-conditioned comfort.)
licks and wags,