Does anyone know the best way to Mary E. Ilium from Flagstaff?

I’ve been trying to read all the threads to put together the best way to get to Mary E. Ilium from Flagstaff. I m more confused than ever (not hard to do). If anyone can help me and keep me from ending up in Kansas I’d appriciate it. Also I was wondering about how many people will be there? Thanks for you help. We can’t wait to get there.

Turn left at CO-145
70.6 mi
6. Turn right at E Empire St
1.9 mi
7. Turn left at N Broadway/US-491 S
Continue to follow US-491 S

20.3 mi
8. Turn right at US-160
Passing through New Mexico
Entering Arizona

24.5 mi
9. Turn right to stay on US-160
154 mi
10. Turn left at US-89
66.6 mi

They have tornados named Luanna in Kansas…


Follow the Tiki Bar crew from Flagstaff to Telluride and not only will you not get lost, you’ll get SAVED. And you’ll get a fruity rum drink on top of it all!


Hah! That’s about right! So are you coming from Flagstaff, or just passing through? And when are you headed up to T’ride? Most of crew is headed up Friday… maybe we could caravan.


For the record, these directions are FROM Telluride TO Flagstaff. From Flagstaff there are only 3 highways but all 2 laners and lots of turns. I highly recommend mapquest, a fruity rum drink, and getting saved by the Tiki Bar! :thumbsup

Fruity rum drink!!!

I NEED a fruity rum drink! GET UP HERE ALREADY, Dwayne! I don’t know the recipe. I’m stuck drinking stupid dummy martini’s and such…

Where is the Tiki-bar when you need it???

Latara, Clitchelle, Vajanet!!! I MISS YOU GUYS! Arrive already why dontcha??? It is too freakin’ quiet up here.


By Car! … Pool that is!

got this today at the VA in Denver and I am bringing in quantity
1/2 gallon pitcher
1 cup splenda
4 limes
mint (pepper and speer)
muddle above
16 oz rum
top off w club soda to 1/2 gallon
pour over ice and enjoy

OH YES, I think you got something there!

Well, its a little dry for Dawg Sleddin!

practice, practice, practice