Does anyone know anyone who still needs lodging?

I have a family emergency and I am desperate to rent my 2 bedroom condo. It is an AWESOME place only 1 1/2 blocks to Town Park. It has enough room for 6 people to sleep comfortably. I am super desperate so if you know of anyone still looking for a place please send them my way.

Thank you much and have an awesome festival!

What are the details? Thanks.

We have lodging starting Wednesday night. Now we find we could arrive Tuesday if anybody had Tuesday availabilities.

I’m traveling solo, and so far, without housing or camping. Obviously, I won’t be able to afford your condo that sleeps six, but I’m happy to pay my share if, say, a group of four or five wants to rent it…

We have room in our living room at a condo about 5 minutes walk to the fest. You would share with one other person. $295 for Thurs, Fri, Sat and Sun nights. Call me at 303.670.9100. John