Do you have to camp in a designated campground

just wondering if festivarians and newbies could camp in the wilderness around Telluride, I was planning on camping at my friends house in Hillside but I wanted to get a better spot in the wilderness so it was more quite and we could get more wild, after all Telluride bluegrass only comes once a year and I want to bring my A game lol ya know :thumbsup :pipe2


There are several official forest service campgrounds around T-ride, but they’re either full already or a long way out of town - but they’re definitely there. Try Alta Lakes, for example - high altitude, remote and beautiful, but a heck of a drive after a full day of festivating. And you’ll likely encounter plenty of other festival goers up there, too.

General rules about camping in the Nat’l Forest will apply everywhere in the public lands in the general vicinity (ie, free camping is acceptable, but no driving off road, no staying longer than 7 days, no fires if restricted, etc) but the primitive camping will come with the challenges of camping outside of an official campground (ie, no toilets, no potable water, etc).

Pony up the extra cake for a camping pass friend. You’ll find plenty of like-minded people… people who just want to have fun and festivate with abandon.

Thank you once again for your knowledge and wisdom Bevin, I will definetly take those rules and regulations into account, Hope to see you there :cheers

Speaking of Alta Lakes, I read something recently that indicated plans to develop that area. :eek

I’ve camped there for a few days before the festival the last few times I have come and was planning on doing the same this year. Anyone know if the development plans have affected the area yet? Bevin?

That’s news to me. I hope there isn’t any development up that way, but I suspect there’s some private land around there, too, and that it’s not all Nat’l Forest. Please post a report if you get up that way this year. Inquiring minds want to know

Above the camping area up there, there are upper lakes, and there are two homes as of last year. Off the grid, solar, and really cool looking places! I don’t know how much more development they could do up there, but it sure ain’t all wilderness!

Lets hope for it staying that way!


Some research:

It would be tragic to see that area developed, but it sounds like it’s only a matter of time.

We’ll still plan on heading up there Monday unless I hear otherwise and I’ll report back after the Festival.

Alta Lakes

All i have to Say about this campsite
1 you must be STONE SOBER
to make this drive
2 bring a extra pair of underware
Sunshine Campground is much easier

Crazy drive is for sure. The first time Wanda and I came up for bluegrass we drove out from Little Rock, went direct to the Thursday show, parking in the Festival Parking lot, and that night we drove up to Alta Lakes for the first time in an old Toyota pickup. The drive up didn’t seem so bad but the next afternoon as we drove back down for day two I couldn’t believe we had gone up that road. Though what might have been crazier we went back up there the next three nights too! Beautiful spot, hope they don’t build too much up there. But what can you say? People are gonna do what they want with their land.

Jake the Fisrt or second year I was in Town park
Jeff Stamps took me up there
Holy S
I have it all on tape …
Way Cool !!!

My husband said he tried to go up to Alta Lakes fishing and couldn’t make it all the way due to a ten foot pile of snow blocking the road. I’m pretty sure he said Alta Lakes. I’ll check.
OK just got off the phone with him, yep it was not accessible at all, way too much snow and he doubts it will melt that quickly as cold as it’s been up there. Just an FYI.
Beth :flower